Hispanic Clinic

General Medicine

Examen Fisico General. Tratamientos y Control de Enfermedades Crónicas como la Diabetes y La Hipertensión. Planificación Familiar. Urgencias Medicas Menores. Electrocardiograma. Problemas de Impotencia Sexual. Programas para control de la Obesidad.

Laboratory Tests

General Blood Tests. Pregnancy tests and Pap smears. Sexual Transmission Tests. Study of Liver, Kidneys and Prostate. Anemia study. Thyroid Study. Cholesterol study. Arthritis Study. Urine tests.

Special Programs

Program "Allergy Free". Program "My Dream Weight". Program "No to Impotence".
"Diabetes and Hypertension Education" Program.
"Let's take care of your health" program.


«Buscando el bien de nuestros semejantes, encontramos el nuestro»




About us

Clinica Hispana Y&G

Created in order to help our Hispanic community, providing excellent medical care. We have professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Our team will accompany you by giving you all the information and support you need to help you solve your health problem...


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